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Ordering Prints

All the images you see on this site are available as fine art prints direct from Craig Ridley.

Images will be specially printed for you (we don't hold stock) and as such the estimated delivery time from placement of order is around 2-3 weeks (international orders may take longer) and will be confirmed shortly after the placement of the order.

To order prints, please use the contact form to specify your requirements.

Further information about how to order Craig Ridley Outdoor Photography images can be found below:

  • Prints are available in two different mediums:

    • - Photographic Prints - additional archival photographic paper (unframed)

    • - Canvas Prints - printed to canvas and stretched around a frame ready to hang

    More information about each of these options is below:

    • Craig Ridley Outdoor Photography prints are produced onto Kodak Professional Endura Paper and are designed to last for generations. Kodak's tested light-keeping is equivalent to 100+ years before noticeable fading occurs in a typical home display, and over 200 years in dark storage.

      Two different print finishes are offered and will be confirmed with you prior to printing of your order:

      • - Lustre - Lustre is a premium finish and offers the vibrant colours of glossy with the fingerprint-resistant finish of matte. It has a slight gloss with a subtle, often pearl-like texture.

      • - Metallic - With a glossy finish and unique metallic appearance, these prints have extra visual interest and depth. This paper uses a proprietary combination of film laminate layers that produce striking, three-dimensional, lasting images on an ultra-bright background. The effect is sometimes described as "chrome on paper". You'll see extreme sharpness, brightness, and colour saturation with an intense black density that increases its appeal.

      • A high quality canvas print is an investment expected to last a lifetime and this why Craig Ridley Outdoor Photography uses only the highest of quality canvas and print facilities available.

        There are various grades of canvas used by canvas printers. These range from cheap, Chinese-made polyester/cotton blends to exquisite 100% cotton canvases made in Europe and North America.


        Many companies use cheaper cotton/polyesters because they are easier to print, cost about 50% less than cotton canvas and require very little skill to stretch. They tend to be lightweight (about the thickness of a cheap bed-sheet) and are often so processed that they lose the luxurious texture present in 100% cotton canvas. The result is an inferior product that looks cheap, has a limited lifespan and results in dull-looking images.


        In contrast, we offer USA-made archival, acid-free matte that's recognised as the world's leading fine art canvas. It's featured in well-known art galleries and art museums around the world.

        Our canvas is:

        • - Bright white - meaning you get fantastic colour and definition
        • - Water resistant
        • - Archival - rated to 100 years
        • - Heavyweight (more like denim than a bed sheet)
        • - More textured than most canvases on the market
        • - Displays small cotton seeds on the surface (a sign of a good quality canvas)


        Your canvas prints are created using genuine Epson Ultrachrome inks, allowing us to produce bright, vibrant colours that literally jump off the canvas. In contrast, some competitors use cheaper quality, imitation inks that have not been tested against fading, and result in dull, washed-out colours. Our inks have been independently tested to last 75 years without fading by the world's leading authority on ink stability (The Wilhelm Institute). This is essential as trials of lower quality inks have shown significant fading after just 12 months in normal light.


        The frame (aka stretcher bars) is one of the most important components of your canvas print. Most canvas printers use pine framing to stretch their prints. Our kiln-dried Meranti timber costs us 40% more than pine, but offers better resistance to twisting, warping and other defects. Our timber is straight-grained, uniform in appearance and sourced from renewable forests. This means that in 30 years your canvas print will look as good as the day it was purchased.

        Many printers use rectangular timber to make their frames. The result is a print that looks great today, but within 12 months shows a visible outline on the front of the canvas.

        The frames are unique in that both sides of the timber are profiled. This means your prints sit perfectly flat against the wall and show no visible framing line on the front of the canvas.


        An unlaminated canvas print is like a house without paint. Not only does it look worse, but your print won't last anywhere near as long. The laminate is a liquid coating that is sprayed over the top of the printed canvas providing a fully sealed barrier that protects your print.

        Many companies in Australia do not laminate their prints because it costs more and requires special equipment. Other companies charge an additional cost for laminating. We think lamination is so important that every print receives a solid coat of premium quality laminate at no additional cost.

        Like canvas, there are various grades of laminate. Many of these are thin and provide limited protection. We use a product from North America that offers:

          • - Protection against dust, water and inquisitive fingers
          • - Excellent protection against fading for 75 years
          • - Anti-fungal compounds that restrict the growth of mould
          • - Anti-grafitti properties
          • - Protection from abrasion, bumps and scratches

            This product is far more expensive than the lower quality laminates meaning that your print lasts longer and can be carefully cleaned with water. Our laminate also boosts the colour of the print, resulting in an image that has more punch and vibrancy. We offer full gloss, semi-gloss or matt laminate at no extra charge.


            You will benefit from the superior finishing including carefully trimming the excess canvas at the back of the frame, taping of the back of the print and inserting hooks and cord for hanging. Many companies simply staple a piece of string to the frame to allow hanging. Our canvas prints go one step further and insert quality screws and 2mm plastic covered stainless steel cord that are significantly stronger and look more professional. This also means that you can move the hooks if required.

            Prior to shipping, you print is carefully hand taped using 100% acid-free framers tape, providing protection against dust. You print is shipped ready to hang straight from the box.

          • Craig Ridley Outdoor Photography prints are available in three aspect ratios, namely standard (3:2), panoramic (3:1) and square (1:1).

            The following table summarises the prices (in AUD$) for Craig Ridley Outdoor Photography photographic and canvas prints.

            Standard (3:2)
            Panoramic (3:1)
            Square (1:1)
            Photographic Print
            Canvas Print
            30" x 20"
            30" x 10"
            24" x 24"
            36" x 24"
            36" x 12"
            28" x 28"
            42" x 28"
            42" x 14"
            36" x 36"
            48" x 32"
            48" x 16"
            42" x 42"

            Please note that postage and handling is included in the price and there are no additional costs to pay.

            Custom Sizes

            If one of our standard sizes does not suit your needs, please do not hesitate to contact Craig Ridley Outdoor Photography to discuss your needs and we can determine together whether the photograph you are interested in can be produced in your desired size.

          • Craig Ridley Outdoor Photography prints can be shipped anywhere around the world. Please contact Craig Ridley Outdoor Photography to discuss your needs and location so that appropriate postage and handling costs can be determined.

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